Elle at Annelle Design - about me

Hi . there, I.'m Elle

A multi-passionate gal determined to help you and your biz get up and running online and set for success trough intentional branding and web design.

Actually, it’s Manuela, but everyone calls me Elle (or a variation of it) for as long as I can remember. Combine it with my other name, Anna and you get… that’s right, Annelle. Sprinkle some design on top and a personal brand name is born.

Despite getting my University diploma in engineering ( I won’t bore you with the details), I’ve always had a soft spot for pretty things and artsy-craftsy activities.  So one day, on a whim, I started an Etsy shop and filled it with printable wall decor, invitations, and the like. Then another one, offering resumes, logos and so on. Then a wonderful person challenged me to build her site and believed in me. And everything fell into place.

I soon realized that I love helping out passionate people who want to start or improve their small biz but don’t have the funds to hire an agency to build their brand and website, nor have the time or desire to DIY everything. DIYing can be fun sometimes, but when you aren’t even sure where to start, it can quickly get frustrating and rob you of the joy of launching.  Plus, there are always so many options it can quickly become overwhelming to navigate trough and confidently make great choices while learning the ins and outs of building an online presence.

My job is to work alongside you to create clean and aesthetically pleasing logos, branding and website designs that reflect you and/or your business and attract your ideal clients or customers. 

Your success is my success. And I truly believe that we rise by lifting others.
Let’s create something amazing together!

Random facts about me

I'm self-taught, ever curious and always trying to learn more about design and all things web.
My phone's gallery is full with pictures of my cats. Yeah, thousands of images.
I strongly believe that a little kindness and some humor goes a long way.
I'm not a native English speaker, so while I do my best to avoid grammar and syntax errors, obviously some will inevitably pop up here and there. Oh, and I casually use emojis in almost every email.
I wouldn't be where I am without my amazing husband's support and all the wonderful people who decided to work with me or buy my designs, so THANK YOU!


Curious about my process?

Branding process

Web design process