In my graphic design work, I use industry’s standard, Adobe products, depending on the scope of work.

All my sites are built on WordPress, using a solid framework/theme (usually GeneratePress) and the Elementor Pro page builder. Elementor is one of the best builders at the moment and has numerous advantages over others, but I won’t bore you with any tech details. 🙂

The pro versions of these two essential elements of your website are included as a bonus for working with me and don’t inquire an additional cost.

WordPress is a very powerful and flexible platform while still keeping a good balance between its features and user friendliness.

With every site built, I strive to make it an enjoyable and stress-free experience to keep it updated so you won’t feel lost or overwhelmed trying to make small tweaks and edits.

Is WordPress the best option for you? Most probably yes, but to be honest, there isn’t a one solution-fits all. For most small to medium sized businesses and online entrepreneurs it’s a great platform. Why? Well, among the reasons…

  • you can add blog posts super easy – and these will help you reach greater audiences, improve SEO and traffic
  • you can sell products, services or even memberships directly from your site
  • adding new pages for content, landing pages, thank you pages and password-protected pages that only your subscribers get access to is fairly easy with my site builds and don’t require hiring a developer for every small edit. Plus, you can ditch expensive additional marketing software in most cases
  • there are so many plugins in the WordPress ecosystem that make adding diverse functionalities a breeze

What about other platforms? Well, the answer could easily turn into a full-fledged blog post, but long story short: if you want to create a site by yourself and have absolutely no experience or desire to learn techy aspects, Squarespace might be a great option. If you just want to sell a lot of products (yours or dropshipped) and you don’t really need any other content, then Shopify might be your best bet. Joomla and Drupal have their market share when it comes to platforms, but you’ll need to hire a specialized developer for almost every tiny edit or tweak.
I can’t recommend platforms like WIX that lock you in, among other disadvantages.

Branding and other graphic design projects – if you want to use the same font(s) for other graphics or projects, you’ll need to purchase a license for those commercial fonts in order to use them. All my work is provided “flattened” (a.k.a. you can’t change the text itself) if a commercial paid font is used (most cases) – so unless you need the actual font file, in most cases there won’t be extra costs.

Websites –​ there are some standard additional costs associated with any website:

  • Domain: ~$10-12/year depending on your provider
  • Hosting: ~$5-30/month depending on your provider
  • Email Marketing: ~$0-30/month depending on your provider
  • Calendar Booking: ~$0-30/month depending on your provider
  • Web fonts: ~$0-$200 (or a monthly fee) depending on choices; Google fonts are the most popular free fonts used

For some select clients for whom I also handle maintenance, I offer hosting as well. Among big-name hosting companies, I wholeheartedly recommend Siteground and Flywheel.

At this moment, I offer introductory prices that I feel comfortable charging given the fact that I don’t have many projects under my belt. However, rest assured that I put my heart and soul in your project and do my best to bring as much value as possible. At the end of the day, you invest in valuable assets for your business, not just a cute design or a digital-dust-collecting-brochure type of website. 

While I constantly try to learn as much as possible about conversion optimization and use best practices, this is an on-going process. And no, I can’t guarantee a certain result. The overall ROI depends on the whole ecosystem: visuals, copy, marketing, the product or service itself – its price, positioning on the market, desirability and so on. 

So while I do my best to set your business up for success, I can’t guarantee that you’ll have a minimum value return on investment since there are many factors involved.

As I work with clients all over the world and a flawless print job often requires  proofing, paper selection, and more, I don’t currently offer print services. However, I’ll format all the necessary files for the printer of your choosing.

Since this is not my zone of genius, I don’t offer these services. Sometimes I make small tweaks or recommendation for a better flow/ user experience/ conversion potential but if writing and editing aren’t your forte at all, I recommend working with someone who specializes in this field.

You need to have a vision about what you want and be able to answer key questions about your business scope, goals, personality and ideal clients. My questionnaire will help you define these aspects and move forward, or at least that’s what I aim for.

However, the “I’ll know it when I see it” approach rarely gets great results and we’ll likely not be a great fit in this case.

For a website, you’ll need to have the written copy and images for all the pages before the design begins. Custom design revolves around copy and imagery so it’s important to build based on them. 

I’ll include a custom tutorial showing you how to make common edits like adding a blog post, images, pages, small edits and so on. I also offer email support for 2 weeks after the project is completed.

Have any other questions?